Clothing List

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Clothing List -- general -- stuff to bring from home (also, read below for what to bring for field sites)

In some ways, McMurdo is like a cross between a college campus and an 1850s mining town. The buildings are all heated, and while in town you will do fine to dress as you would on a normal workday back home. For me, that means jeans, a long-sleeve t-shirt/workshirt, and some sturdy shoes (or old running shoes). You will need this type of attire for the days that you will be in McMurdo (not in the field).

Stuff to bring from home that will not be issued to you:

  • Favorite warm hat/stocking cap/yazoo (they will provide you one at the CDC, but you will probably wish you brought your own)
  • Two pairs of sunglasses (50-50 chance one pair will get broken; I just get cheap ones from the truck stop that block UVA,B)
  • Lightweight gloves (fleece gloves, running gloves, like that)
  • Field boots (something comfortable hiking rough terrain). Be sure to clean your boots before you bring them. I scrub mine down at the kitchen sink with warm soapy water and let them dry before I bring them down with me. When you bring them through the airport in New Zealand you will need to declare them. I pack mine at the top of my suitcase so that I can open it up and show them without digging through my bag too much. If they are clean they will wave you through. If not, you will be pulled aside and they will take them from you and sterilize them before giving them back (a big hassle/delay). If you wear your field boots as you walk through customs they will not say a thing
  • One set of base layer (top & bottom) of long underwear. They provide some at the CDC, but you will probably be happier with your own.
  • Sunscreen (one small tube) (ozone hole, anybody?)
  • Lip balm/chapstick (it is dry, sunny and windy here!)
  • Camera -- you can bring a fancy one, but a sturdy point and shoot has a better chance of surviving the trip.

Optional stuff to bring that will not be issued to you

  • Small flashlight -- the windows in your dorm room may be covered to simulate better sleep conditions. A flashlight can help you get in and out of bed in the dark without waking your roommate.
  • Smartphone -- say what? There’s no cell phone reception, but I use my iPhone as a camera (takes pretty good pictures and georeferences all my field sample photos). And because there is wireless in some of the field camps, you can also use it for email and texts.
  • Laptop computer -- while at McMurdo you’ll be able to use it to get your work done (public access computers are also available)
  • Power cord adapter for New Zealand (if you have a laptop or other stuff that will need charged while in Christchurch:
  • Exercise gear -- if you like a brisk run in the morning, bring your running shoes, shorts, shirt, and light wool/polypro socks. A summer in Christchurch is nice, and a morning run through McMurdo can also be a great way to get your bearings (McMurdo runs will also require running pants and jacket or fleece top, and a warm hat). There is also an exercise gym with stationary bikes and treadmills if you prefer an indoor cardio workout.

Clothing List (for visiting field sites)

ECW for two days in the field (pack these in the orange CDC duffel bag):

Big Red parka
Little Red jacket
Wind pants
Fleece jacket
Fleece pants
Wool socks
Neck gaiter
Warm hat
Field pants
Field boots
Heavy gloves
Light gloves
Thermal underwear/base layer