Molecular analysis of desiccation survival in Antarctic nematodes

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TitleMolecular analysis of desiccation survival in Antarctic nematodes
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsAdhikari, BN, Adams, B
Book TitleMolecular and Physiological Basis of Nematode Survival
PublisherCABI International
ISBN Number9781845936877

This chapter characterizes the molecular mechanisms of Antarctic nematode stress survival and describes these mechanisms in relation to desiccation survival. Further, the chapter discusses the inducible as well as constitutive mechanisms of stress response, along with signal transduction mechanisms. The genetic response of nematodes to stress-induced metabolic changes and oxidative stress response is also explored. Finally, the interesting conserved mechanisms and cross-talk between stress responses that may be used by highly divergent organisms to mediate transcriptional responses to stress, are emphasized.